Don’t forget about your last name!

Don’t forget about your last name, sounds kind of crazy, but it really isn’t. In the world of
ordering packages, people are starting a trend of simply putting their first name on a package. That’s
fine if you don’t ever plan on moving from where you currently stay, or in your apartment complex, or
condo community, you happen to be the only person with the first name, Joe, or Diane, which is highly
unlikely, because if your apartment number is left off, your last name can help to uniquely identify
who you are, if there’s no last name, then more than likely your item will be returned to the sender, and
you have paid for an item that has been sent back, it could have been a book that you need for a college
class that starts tomorrow, or medication that you’re required to take on a daily basis.
If a relative decides to come, and visit your home for the summer, and they begin to order items off of
the Internet, it’s important to tell them when they decide to go back home that they need to change their
information, or the item that they order will continue to auto-ship if that’s their preference to your
address when you live in New York, and they live in California, the system will go with the last address
that you entered, so it’s important to stay up to date. If you order an item, and you notice that your
name is spelled wrong, have your name corrected before you order the item again, because you might decide
to sell your home, and when the item comes again your last name is spelled Jones, and the package comes
with your last name spelled as Joens, human error happens so stay on top of your game, and don’t forget
about your last name!



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