Despite the dangers of COVID-19, porch pirates are still looking to steal your packages.

Despite the dangers of COVID-19, porch pirates are still looking to steal your packages. This statement might sound crazy, but with the recent stay at home policy being enforced around the country as we deal with the many dangers of the Coronavirus, porch pirates are taking advantage of the opportunity with more individuals staying at home, and ordering items off of websites, since many fear that local grocery stores will have people shopping, and they want to avoid crowds, and the potential for a greater chance of contracting the Coronavirus, and also wanting to continue to practice the rules of social-distancing. Some people fear seeing delivery drivers, so they will often wait until the delivery driver has left their property to make the decision to open up their door to retrieve the package, but you might get busy, and simply forget that the item was left on your porch, and decide an hour later to open up your door to retrieve your item that the Amazon driver left for you, a ping, and photo have been left on your email with details of the delivery, so after checking your email, you head downstairs to get your package of toilet paper, and other items that the Amazon driver has left for you, and like a magician, your items have disappeared into the hands of an opportunistic porch pirate. What can be done to stop the theft of your packages if you’re at home, if you know that the delivery will be at night, leave a light on, porch pirates like to operate in stealth mode, and they don’t like to be seen, if your door bell is rang, check to see if it’s someone that your recognize for your safety, and once you see that there’s a delivery truck in your sight, it’s probably safe to open your door to retrieve your items. If your package requires a signature most delivery services are practicing social distancing, and with your authorization will sign for the item for you, but you have to physically be present, unless the item has a waiver of signature. If your porch has a barrier, request that the driver leave the item where it can’t be seen from the street, because if a porch pirate can’t see the item, more than likely they will not take the chance on walking up on a porch, and having to stare into a camera that could potentially record them committing a crime. Stay safe everyone, protect yourself, wear gloves, wash, and clean your hands, stay at home, and away from crowds if possible to prevent from contracting the Coronavirus. Despite the dangers of COVID-19, porch pirates are still looking to steal your packages. www.iwantmymail.com More than just a blog!


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