Missing your mail and packages because you’ve recently moved?
Receiving the prior resident’s mail at your new home or apartment?
Want to stop all the junk mail filling up your mail box?

We have the solution for you!

I Want My Mail is an international database and online resource created to address the problem of mis-delivered and un-deliverable mail. We believe in simple, effective solutions that bring people together. By helping friends and family get and stay in touch, we also help people in a very personal way. We also help reduce global waste and eliminate a major headache for home and business mail and package delivery.

Whether you are missing mail, going through a series of moves, or receiving someone else’s mail, I Want My Mail is the easy and 100% free way to address your issue. Our international database picks up where the Post Office’s one-year forwarding policy leaves off. Not only do we enable continued mail forwarding, but we also ensure that shippers such as UPS, FedEx, and DHL have your correct contact information on file.

With I Want My Mail, you can update pertinent name and address details any time, in any place, free of charge. Set custom privacy settings and put your mind at ease. The goals of I Want My Mail are to make people’s lives easier, help them connect with loved ones, and ensure that the world stays at their fingertips.